A contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional Cornish cottage, this bespoke new build family home nestles into its surroundings in Rock, Cornwall. Situated on a quiet, leafy and low-lying residential street, the ground floor has been lowered to achieve a second level, whilst remaining consistent in height with the neighbouring single storey cottages.

The house was designed with a material palette that echoes the local Cornish vernacular and delivered in a contemporary manner to compliment the traditional pitched roof form. The scale of development was carefully considered to correspond with the natural rhythm of the street on which it sits. Recesses around windows and door openings have been clad with open slatted western red cedar timber which silvers over time.

The ground floor centres on an open plan living-kitchen space that dissects the building, front to back. The house sits centrally on the site offering a large front garden to the south whilst maximising the light into the central living space.

The house benefits from wings either side of the central space. The East Wing contains a lounge that opens out onto the rear garden. The first floor is arranged to give the bedrooms south-facing windows onto the front garden whilst ensuring any overlooking is minimised to the rear of the property.

A diligent approach to sustainability and materiality has ensured the delivery of a building that is anchored in its environment. The house was constructed using a combination of local knowledge, skills and trades whilst utilising an air source heat pump for the underfloor heating. Building regulations have been surpassed by adopting high thermal insulation standards as well as ensuring a high degree of air tightness.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our new holiday home. Michael and his team worked wonders within the tight planning constraints to design and deliver us a house that sits beautifully within its context whilst providing us something rather special.”

Tessa Horswell
Client – The Rookery, Cornwall

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