Situated in Croyde, North Devon in an area of outstanding natural beauty this dual gable-ended family home has been designed to connect with the surrounding gardens to the north and south. Harnessing a refined material palette, the exterior use of textured white brick reimagines the local vernacular.

The building mass responds to the rhythm of the neighbouring properties ridgelines, the house is broken into two separate forms, a south and north wing both linked together with a smaller entrance block. Set back from the existing boundaries, the house sits on a spacious plot with intimate external spaces between the two wings.

The southern wing provides open plan living that is orientated to the south, boasting expansive views of the countryside while maximising solar entry throughout the day. The placement of the kitchen, allowing dining and living spaces to connect directly to the southern garden, giving the space a strong edge and separating it from the neighbouring properties to the south east.

The entrance not only links the two wings, but visually connects the arrival point with the garden area to the east, creating a space that flows internally and externally. Within the connecting block are the stairs to first floor connecting to an intimate first floor snug space.

While the whole building is grounded in the use of textured white brick as a base, the southern wing is clad in a natural timber. Respecting and enhancing the character of the surrounding environment, the timber ensures a soft and inviting view from the public footpath and will weather gracefully. The use of hung slate as a continuation of the roof on the northern wing creates a visual step between the two forms allowing the northern wing to visually drop away.

Constructed with high quality detailing, typical of all Cassell Tarring’s projects; in conjunction with the use of low embodied energy materials, high thermal insulation and good air tightness standards means energy usage and running costs are kept to a minimum.

“Michael showed a real commitment to listening and understanding our requirements as a young family and managed to translate that into a beautifully designed home that exceeds our own expectations. I would happily recommend Michael and his team to anyone thinking about embarking on a project of their own..”

David Saunders
Client – The Croft, Devon

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